What is Brocare?

BroCare is an enhanced service package that provides additional coverage for our Corporate customers. It is essentially an after-sales service that gives you the assurance of quality service rendered by our team of professional engineers.

In today's office environment, Brother understands that it is no longer sufficient to offer a standard on-site warranty. Customers can concentrate on their operations and be rest assured that their printing devices remains in satisfactory conditions with these additional services during the warranty period.

There are currently 3 different types of Brocare Packages, namely:

1. Brocare Standard

2. Brocare Plus

3. Brocare Premium

Depending on the model purchased, customers can enjoy the suite of after-sales services that comes with it.

Please refer to table below for details

 BroCare Packages Warranty period  Free Installation   Free User Training 4-hour Response Time  Preventive Maintenance  Periodic Replacement Parts  Free Drum Replacement 
 BroCare Standard
 3 years on-site  Yes (up to 2 workstations)  Yes (1 session)  Yes  1x per year  NA  NA
 BroCare Plus
 3 years on-site  Yes (up to 4 workstations  Yes (1 session)  Yes  1x per year  Yes  NA
 BroCare Premium
 3 years on-site  Yes (up to 6 workstations)  Yes (1 session)  Yes  2x per year  Yes  Yes