P-touch Editor 6 Advanced Label Design Software

Brother's P-touch Label
Design Editor 6 software

Create customised labels with pixel perfection with Brother's P-touch Editor 6 software with new and improved features.

Advanced label design and printing
software for Brother’s P-touch range

Create customised labels with logos, photos, and barcodes with Brother's powerful and easy-to-use P-touch Editor 6 label design software by just simply connecting to Brother’s label printer via a PC system with either a USB or Bluetooth* connection.

Compatible with Brother’s PT-D series* and PT-P7 series*, P-touch Editor 6 software covers all home, office, and small retail labelling needs with specialised templates designed for asset management, files and folder organisation, POS, and many more.

*Applicable for the below models:

Download PT-D410

Download PT-D450

Download PT-D460BT

Download PT-D600

Download PT-D610BT

Download PT-P700

Download PT-P710BT

Download PT-P750W

P-Touch editor software
Editor Customise

A flexible design library

All pre-designed templates included in P-touch Editor 6 software are fully customisable with over 1200 symbols, 30+ fonts, and 160+ frames to choose from.

Branded Label

Brand your label designs

Customise labels to include company logo. Ensuring that everything is consistently labelled and 'on brand' which is essential for small retail stores.

Qr Code

Create simple QR codes

P-touch Editor 6 software offers straightforward creation of barcode/2D code labels by simply selecting the code type and inputting the number and alphabet. Perfect for asset tracking within a business.

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P-Touch editor software

New design with
improved features

With newly upgraded features, increased functionality, and an overall user interface refresh, P-touch Editor 6 label design software provides a truly connected solution for creating and printing customised labels.

New features include:

  •   Increased the number of fonts, symbols, and frames to
    easily customise labels
  •   New templates specially designed for home and business
  •   Additional number, time & date, and barcode functionality
  •   An overall user interface refresh
Editor unicode

Use anywhere and in any languages

Since Unicode is used, characters from multiple languages can be included on the same label to communicate with any audience.

iprintlabel app

Fully Integrated Solution

As a fully integrated solution, find labels created easily in the past and share the labels with anyone who are using Brother's iPrint&label app on Smartphones.