Brother TZe Tapes

TZe Tape

There is an endless array of tapes in all colors, sizes and materials available to suit your labeling needs for your business in the market. Only high-quality laminated tapes give you long lasting labels. By providing clear and lasting identification, labeling tapes can help greatly in enhancing workplace safety and organising fixed assets. Designed to withstand water, grease, fading, abrasion and even extreme temperatures. You are no longer need to re-print the same labels or order inventory custom pre-printed labels anymore

Brother TZe laminated tapes offer clear advantages over common marking solutions. With their unbeatable durability, strong adhesive qualities, and long-lasting legibility, TZe laminated tapes are the preferred choice for companies that demand nothing but the very best. Labels made with Brother TZe laminated tapes are used around the world in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Data Communication and Electrical
  • Manufacturing
  • Education(Schools & Libraries)
  • Healthcare (Hospitals & Laboratories)
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Retail (Shops & Stores)
  • Events and Conferences
  • Route Accounting

The right tape for the job

Brother TZe laminated tapes are available in a variety of widths, colours and adhesive types for a broad range of applications. These include standard adhesive tapes for flat, smooth surfaces, flexible ID tapes for wrapping and flagging wires and cables, strong adhesive tapes for plastic and textured surfaces, and tamper-evident tapes that leave a permanent tell-tale mark if remove or disturbed.

Fluorescent Colours For Safety Labels

TZe laminated labels comes in industry-standard colours for making on-the-spot safety labels for equipment of almost any size. You can use TZe laminated fluorescent tapes to print durable labels for warning and instructional signs. Tested to withstand chemical and UV fade resistant, you do not have to worry about re-printing same new labels.


Extreme Temperatures Labeling

The Tze laminated tapes has been tested to within extreme temperatures. These include both freezing conditions and sweltering temperatures. Suitable for laboratory, kitchen and outdoor labelling needs.


Tamper Evident Labels

TZe tamper evident labels breaks when label removal is attempted. TZe laminated tamper evident labels are a cost-effective solutions to marking of properties and assets on demand. Create serialised, barcode property tags to help keep track of valuable properties. Alternatively, you can create seals for envelops which contains confidential documents or to secure products to prevent them from being tampered.


Fabric Labeling

TZe iron-on fabric tapes allows you to customise your clothing labels and adhere them onto desired clothes just by ironing. These durable labels take the frustration off most of your fabric labeling needs when it comes to uniforms, caps, and the like.


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