Assured Environments
United States of America
Model Number:
PJ series mobile printer

The Customer

Serving the Metro New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, Assured Environments is the largest pest management service provider in the region.

Founded in 1934, their firm is part of their nationwide alliance known as Copesan. Assured has employed about 150 field professionals, who service a wide range of clients, mainly from their commercial sector.

The Challenge

Pest management businesses are facing many challenges today. In addition to their increased competition, they need to comply with an evolving variety of health, safety, environmental standards and regulations that vary by state, region and type of industry served.

In their environment, ensuring secure transactional data capture and an accurate paper trail is of paramount importance. Their previous service ticket forms generated were coded, making it difficult for their clients to read and understand, due to poor handwriting.

The Solution

Their system integrator, ScanTrak Data Systems Inc, has helped Assured to implement advanced mobile technology and tools, designed to improve their workflow efficiency and productivity of their staff. Brother’s PJ series mobile printer has met Assured’s needs, as a compact and lightweight printing solution, that could seamlessly operate with their firm’s route management software.

With PJ series mobile printer, their technicians could quickly print out their various reports required with excellent print quality, to meet their customer’s compliance obligations. PJ series mobile printer also has long battery life and there are no inks or toners to deal with, except for Brother’s thermal paper, which is the only consumable.

These values have protected their brand, professional image and give them a valuable competitive edge in gaining, retaining clients and growing their businesses.


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