Community Healthcare organisation
United States of America
Model Number:

The Customer

A top-performing community-owned regional healthcare organization in Texas handles patient care for mothers and infants.

The Challenge

Their tabletop printers previously used by them were quite large and outdated for printing infant wristbands. They took up a lot of space in their constrained spaces of their labour, delivery rooms and NICU. They also required a trained operator to replace their wristbands and do the necessary maintenance. It was difficult to load and keep their wristband media feeding smoothly, which resulted in excessive waste.

They decided to look for a printing solution that could quickly print out clear, accurate and positive patient identification (PPID) wristbands for infants. The biggest challenge they faced was the integration.

It was critical that the printer selected could seamlessly integrate with their health system, which is their existing MEDITECH electronic health record (EHR) software to ensure that correct patient information could be printed on each wristband. Ultimately, their printer should play a key role in ensuring proper identification, boosting patients’ safety and delivering quality patients care.

The Solution

Brother Mobile Solutions team has introduced TD-2130NHC and configured it swiftly to their network. All this happened within a very short time frame because Brother has innovative integration tools, which are available free of charge and a huge benefit in ensuring a virtually “out-of-box” solution.

TD-2130NHC was selected because it could accurately print patients’ wristbands and labels from virtually any location or on a cart, at the point of patients care. TD-2130NHC is compact, lightweight and has a very small footprint that does not take up a lot of space. It is a perfect solution, with easy-to-load media that does not require any spindle to fit.

*TD-2130NHC is not available in the Asia region. TD-2130N is available for the Asia region.


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