COVID-19 mobile testing and vaccination clinics
Model Number:
RJ-4200 series mobile printer

The Customer

The global pandemic has brought many challenges to public healthcare systems. With an immediate need to establish a mass COVID-19 testing centre, define vaccine deployment plans with rapid deployment of mobile vaccines within a short timeframe has become a top public health priority.

The Challenge

There is a stronger need than ever for unique and quick deployable mobile printing and labelling solutions in mobile testing and vaccination clinics that could be easily integrated into existing technology. The ability to reliably print labels and receipts on-demand in real-time is essential to support the current pandemic healthcare measures.

The Solution

Brother has worked with an agency in Canada to deploy hundreds of RJ-4200 series mobile printing solutions to COVID-19 mobile testing and vaccination clinics.

RJ-4200 series mobile printers could deliver reliable printing through advanced features with quick deployment and easy integration with most of the healthcare and laboratory’s infrastructure.

The ability to print test tube labels on-site via Airprint® with their Apple® iPads, paired with their software and a mobile device has increased their testing accuracy. Healthcare practitioners could wear or carry RJ-4200 series mobile printers with shoulder straps or belt clips, which has enhanced mobility and improve productivity.


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