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The Customer

Bill Lenz, RCDD, a BICSI-registered Technician, former BICSI instructor and vice president of sales at Genesis Cabling, has tested on Brother’s PT-E110VP electronic labeller. He has shared insights on how PT-E110VP electronic labeller could help contractors in their installation to better manage cabling and component labelling in large and complex on-site, amidst the growing Data centres, driven by big data and cloud technology.

The Challenge

PT-E110VP electronic labeller was selected as it could meet the challenging demand of cable installers. With an intuitive and handheld rugged design, PT-E110VP electronic labeller is suitable to use in rough environments. Work crews could print durable laminated labels that last on-site efficiently, without referring to any manual, while achieving accuracy and productivity.

The Solution

PT-E110VP electronic labeller could meet the challenging requirements of cable installers and increase their productivity onsite.

With a user-friendly QWERTY-style keyboard and handheld design, these features could help work crews perform their task efficiently, without referring to a manual. The lightweight PT-E110VP electronic labeller is conveniently housed in a hard-carrying case for enhanced portability. The wrist strap provided can protect workers from accidental drops while working on great heights. PT-E110VP electronic labeller could print on TZe laminated labels that are durable with UL-compatibility and could withstand fading, smearing, abrasion, extreme temperatures, moisture and harsh chemicals.

Overall, PT-E110VP electronic labeller is an affordable investment that is rich in both features and value.


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