Jollyroom AB
Model Number:
RJ-4200 series Rugged mobile printer, ADS-3600W

The Customer

Jollyroom is the largest e-commerce company selling children and baby products in the Nordic regions. Founded in 2011, they are located in Gothenburg, Sweden and deliver to their customers across the Nordic region.

The Challenge

Their warehouse is over 65,000 sqm and holds up to 40,000 items. They have their own logistics management system. Their expansion has reached a new level that requires a flexible and scalable solution that could manage their workflow wirelessly.

The Solution

They have used Brother’s ADS-3600W scanners to ensure that incoming transport documents could be scanned efficiently and stored in their database. Their scanners could work along with Brother’s RJ-4200 series 4-inch Rugged mobile and wireless label solution, which allows their warehouse staff to work in their production to print labels for their cargo.

This solution has contributed to a paperless logistics management. Their previous process involved moving of goods, which has incurred extra time. Since this solution has been implemented, their staff could work virtually from anywhere. They could move their work to where their goods were located, which has helped to increase productivity.


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