Model Number:
HL-L6400DW, MFC-L6900DW

The Customer

When talking about High-grade imported ice cream made with natural ingredients and no chemical additives, Swiss Brand " Mövenpick " would definitely come to mind. The driving force behind such great brand recognition and affirmation amongst Taiwan consumer is nonother than “Bai Fu Tong”. With its business focus on the "lifestyle industry", Bai Fu Tong Group has Food and Beverage, amusement parks and trading under their portfolio. In addition to " Mövenpick ", there are also various self-created Food and Beverage brands, that has 24 stores island wide with annual turnover of NT$1.2billion. Mövenpick aims to expand their Taiwanese market business venture in various aspect.

The Challenge

In the past, when multiple users print from the same printer, print jobs came out from the same printer tray. Having same printer tray, some printed materials or documents are being retrieved by mistake which resulted in missing prints where the user would proceed to do a re-print which would waste the company’s resources unnecessarily.

As the business expands, more employees are required to ensure smooth operation. Thus, previous business equipment are no longer sufficient to meet optimal efficiency. Hence, having the right equipment is important to ensure improvement in business workflow proficiency.

The Solution

After considering quality of Brother Product and cost effectiveness, they have selected Brother’s HL-L6400DW to help solve their current situation.

Brother HL-L6400DW helped improve their document security and minimize missing prints which was caused when users mistakenly took the wrong documents. An additional Paper Sorter MX-4000 was added to the Brother HL-L6400DW where user can pick up their printout easily from the designated output tray without having to flip through piles of documents from the singular printer’s output tray.

With the built-in NFC card reader function, this also helps to avoid unauthorized users from printing, helping the business to reduce unnecessary cost.

Furthermore, Brother product was also able to generate a print usage log where the company can export easily to understand the printing usage and aid them in maximizing the devices for their daily operations.

As Mövenpick Group has a high print volume, the machine was able to support their operational needs with speed and durability. The cost per page was also very affordable and competitive.

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