Wayne County Sheriff's Office
United States of America
Model Number:
PJ-700 series mobile printer

The Customer

Serving more than 90,000 citizens in New York state, Wayne County Sheriff’s Office provides a wide range of services to their community.

The Challenge

According to Barry Virts, Sheriff of Wayne County, Brother’s PJ-700 series mobile printers have been installed in their vehicles and working successfully for more than 10 years.

There has been a rising number of complaints about their thermal paper they were using, which was not Brother thermal paper. When their deputies issue a summon or a supporting deposition for a traffic ticket, their images on their printed document would often be washed out, faded or even disappeared. If citations were left under the sun, their image quality would suffer.

This situation has caused frustration among their deputies and community members as images on their documents have become illegible. When documents were printed and stored in their case files for archival and retrieval, their paper was often unreadable when accessed.

The Solution

Wayne County has switched to using Brother’s thermal paper and their results have been positive. “Ever since our switch to Brother’s thermal paper, our deputies have been more productive in field. They do not need to spend additional time to drive back to their station to complete their paperwork.”, said Sheriff Barry Virts.

Higher levels of print quality documents could be printed by their deputies in field. They could achieve significant savings in both fuel and time, improving cost efficiency and enabling their deputies to spend more time in their community.

Their deputies can now do their paperwork in their car and print a wider number of documents such as depositions, legal paperwork, court paperwork or statements for case files, without faded images. Our patrol cars have turned into a more efficient mobile office.”, added Sheriff Barry Virts.


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