Company Corporation
United States of America
Model Number:

The Customer Corporation provides ZAP IN visitor management solutions to their customers to manage their visitors at their front reception.

The Challenge

Loose-leaf binders with sign-in pages were often found in companies' lobbies throughout the world. Managing this manual process can be very challenging with a tendency of these pages being misplaced and compromising the safety of their customers.

Handwritten information is also hard to read, making tracking of their visitors difficult and very operation intensive. This manual process will affect their company’s image and their customer’s impression on them. Hence, Corporation requires a wireless and high-quality label printer that could work with their automated reception process, create visitor badges with appropriate information and photos to help companies keep track of their visitors.

The Solution

Brother’s QL-710W and QL-720NW Professional label printers were selected due to their wireless capability and outstanding reliability. Labels could be printed out directly from virtually anywhere which perfectly fits into their automated reception process.

As an integral part of their reception process, ZAP IN and Brother’s label printers could help their customers provide an appealing welcome for their visitors.

QL-710W and QL-720NW have been replaced by QL-820NWB.

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