That huge office copier may be hindering your productivity.

That huge office copier may be hindering your productivity.

If you are looking for optimal business print performance, you may be tempted to consider a floor-standing copier that is shared across a few departments or the entire office. On the surface, this type of centralised printing solution appears to offer various benefits such as easy maintenance, while delivering faster print, scan and copy speeds.

Despite this, organisations across Singapore today have been shifting towards printer decentralisation by deploying a single-function printer or an all-in-one for each workgroup. But what exactly is printer decentralisation, and why should you care?

When small is so much more

Traditionally, smaller desktop printers were considered unsuitable for businesses with their inability to handle large print volumes, and limited productivity features. However, it’s a different story today. The latest desktop business printers deliver affordable, high-performance results in compact packages. They also offer numerous benefits over a single large copier, such as:

Constant availability

On paper, a large copier may promise outstanding print speeds, but all it takes is a single user printing a 200-page document and you’ll find a long queue at the device. With decentralised printing, users will be able to easily find another available machine for the urgent printing, scanning or copying of documents. Best of all, modern desktop printers and all-in-ones are capable of impressive print and scan speeds too.

Greater flexibility

With a single large copier, you are permanently locked in to the capabilities of the device, whereas a decentralised printing environment allows you to have different functions for each department’s needs. For example, you can deploy an A3 colour inkjet Multi-Function Centre for your marketing department, a high-speed, high-volume mono laser printer for your accounting and logistics department, or a colour laser Multi-Function Centre for your HR department. This helps to greatly maximise your investment costs.


The new generation of compact business printing and scanning devices are designed for improved cost-savings. Brands like Brother offer solutions that can use ultra-high yield toner cartridges or refill ink tanks for a reduced cost-per-page.

Improved security

With a centralised print environment, the printer is shared by everyone in the same department or an entire office. This means that confidential documents sent for printing could be picked up by unauthorised personnel before the user can collect it. With a decentralised print environment, printers can be deployed right next to users who frequently print confidential documents, helping to safeguard your business from costly data theft.

Minimised downtime

Any downtime for a centralised copier will result in a huge productivity drain for your business. When it breaks down or supplies run out, users are left without the means to print, scan or copy until the issue is resolved. By deploying a fleet of printers across the office, there will always be another working machine available that can be utilised.

Ultimately, a decentralised print environment appears to be better suited to today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected work environment, and with Brother’s comprehensive range of award-winning business printers and MFCs, you’re sure to find the ideal solutions for your unique business needs.

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